Hairline Correction Hospital

Hairline correction hospital is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the height of your forehead. It can be combined with a brow lift to soften the appearance of your face and restore balance. It can leave a fine scar that is hidden behind the hairline.강남헤어라인병원

The surgeon marks out the desired location of the new hairline with a surgical skin marker. The non-hair-bearing flap is then removed through one of the premarked lines.


Hairline correction is a surgical procedure that can reduce the height of your forehead. It can also affect the shape of your eyebrows, and is often combined with a separate operation known as brow lift. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and most patients go home soon after the procedure.

However, if your hairline needs to be advanced more than 5cm, it is necessary to undergo a two-stage procedure. This involves placing a tissue expander under the skin and inflating it with saline solution for a few weeks.

The result of the first stage is a reduction in the size of your forehead, while the second stage shifts your hairline forward. This can create a narrower face line and give you a more attractive appearance.


Hairline correction surgery, also known as a forehead reduction procedure, is a cosmetic surgical technique that surgeons use to reduce the size of your forehead. The procedure involves a small cut in the forehead that results in a low hairline. This type of surgery is a good option for people who have a large forehead that is out of balance with the rest of their face features.

The procedure is relatively fast and produces immediate results. Often, it is done alongside a brow lift to soften the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead area. This will help to create a more youthful and attractive facial appearance.


Hairline correction surgery is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure for reducing the appearance of an enlarged forehead. It produces immediate results and can be performed alone or alongside a brow lift to soften the overall appearance of an oversized forehead. It can also help to restore balance to a person’s facial features.

The treatment is typically carried out under a local anesthesia or twilight anesthesia, which helps to reduce pain and bleeding. After marking the area, an incision is made near the front of the hairline. This will result in a fine scar that is concealed when the hairs grow back.

It is a relatively short procedure, and patients can usually return home after a few hours. Some swelling and a feeling of numbness on the scalp may occur, but these issues should fade quickly. Sutures are generally removed after a week. It is advisable to return to the surgeon for a follow-up appointment after a few days of recovery.


The results of hairline correction surgery are immediately apparent and can help reduce the appearance of an enlarged forehead. It is often performed alongside a brow lift to soften the overall appearance of an overly large forehead. The result is an attractive, well-balanced facial appearance. The procedure leaves a scar, but it is concealed behind the hairline and is almost undetectable when the scalp is wet.

If the hairline needs to be moved forward more than 5cm, a 2-stage procedure may be necessary. During the first stage, an expander is placed under the skin and inflated with a saline solution. Once the expander is fully inflated, the second procedure can take place. This procedure can lower the forehead by up to 2.5 cm. It is important to remember that this is a cosmetic procedure, and results will vary for each patient.모우다의원